Project Outline
addAudio(id, filename, def)
addImage(id, filename)
blit(tox, image, data)
blitAll(tox, image, data)
blitClear(image, data)
blitFade(tox, data)
blitRect(tox, data)
blitText(tox, data)
blitTile(tox, data)
blitTilemap(tox, data)
centerCamera(data, viewdata)
collides(o1, o2, t)
createCanvas(id, data)
dataLoad(k, a)
dataSave(k, v, d)
getObject(group, id)
hitAudio(a, data)
pixelcollides(o1, o2, t)
playAudio(a, data)
readBundleData(pack, call)
setCameraX(x, viewdata)
setCameraY(y, viewdata)
setZindex(th, z)
stopAudio(a, permissive)
asciiArtToMap(map, tra)
copyModel(data, model)
createModel(obj, attrs)
decideFrame(cnt, anim)
decideFrameOnce(cnt, anim)
getArrayIndexed(a, value, field)
getTileInMap(x, y, map, ifout, mapid)
isLastFrameOnce(cnt, anim)
isSquished(th, by)
limit(v, min, max)
mergeWithModel(data, model)
multiplier(v, mul)
postpad(str, len, pad)
prepad(str, len, pad)
random(min, range)
seq(st, ed, skip)
setTileInMap(ctx, map, x, y, tile, The)
upAndDown(counter, max)
xPixelToTile(map, x, gap)
xPixelToTileX(map, x, gap)
yPixelToTile(map, y, gap)
yPixelToTileY(map, y, gap)
controlKeys(th, keys)
fireBullet(gr, id, data)
generateEnemy(gr, id, data, model)
generateScroller(gr, id, data)
hitByBullet(th, by)
initialize(th, data)
spawn(th, data)
after(th, id, frames)
every(th, id, frames)
randomly(th, id, data)
real(th, id, data)
callInColliding(th, data)
collides(fr, to, t)
controlKeys(th, keys)
fireBullet(gr, id, data)
floorCollision(th, data)
getAheadPixel(th, data)
initialize(th, data)
makedoor(gr, id, map, data)
pixelcollides(fr, to, t)
setStaticSpeed(th, speed)
spawn(th, data)
tileCollision(th, map, tilemap, defaulttile, data)
wander(th, map, tilemap, defaulttile, data)
addAngle(a, add)
getAngle(p1, p2, transl)
getDistance(p1, p2)
translate(p1, a, d)
translateX(x1, a, d)
translateY(y1, a, d)
Akihabara Framework

Namespace gamecycle

Gamecycle contains your basic game loop: intro, menus, crossfading between stages/lifes, gameover and ending.

Defined in: gamecycle.js.

Method Summary
createMaingame(id, group) Gamecycle constructor - initializes a new game object
Method Detail
gamecycle.createMaingame(id, group)
Gamecycle constructor - initializes a new game object

id unique id of object
group name of group to store the object in
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