Project Outline
addAudio(id, filename, def)
addImage(id, filename)
blit(tox, image, data)
blitAll(tox, image, data)
blitClear(image, data)
blitFade(tox, data)
blitRect(tox, data)
blitText(tox, data)
blitTile(tox, data)
blitTilemap(tox, data)
centerCamera(data, viewdata)
collides(o1, o2, t)
createCanvas(id, data)
dataLoad(k, a)
dataSave(k, v, d)
getObject(group, id)
hitAudio(a, data)
pixelcollides(o1, o2, t)
playAudio(a, data)
readBundleData(pack, call)
setCameraX(x, viewdata)
setCameraY(y, viewdata)
setZindex(th, z)
stopAudio(a, permissive)
asciiArtToMap(map, tra)
copyModel(data, model)
createModel(obj, attrs)
decideFrame(cnt, anim)
decideFrameOnce(cnt, anim)
getArrayIndexed(a, value, field)
getTileInMap(x, y, map, ifout, mapid)
isLastFrameOnce(cnt, anim)
isSquished(th, by)
limit(v, min, max)
mergeWithModel(data, model)
multiplier(v, mul)
postpad(str, len, pad)
prepad(str, len, pad)
random(min, range)
seq(st, ed, skip)
setTileInMap(ctx, map, x, y, tile, The)
upAndDown(counter, max)
xPixelToTile(map, x, gap)
xPixelToTileX(map, x, gap)
yPixelToTile(map, y, gap)
yPixelToTileY(map, y, gap)
controlKeys(th, keys)
fireBullet(gr, id, data)
generateEnemy(gr, id, data, model)
generateScroller(gr, id, data)
hitByBullet(th, by)
initialize(th, data)
spawn(th, data)
after(th, id, frames)
every(th, id, frames)
randomly(th, id, data)
real(th, id, data)
callInColliding(th, data)
collides(fr, to, t)
controlKeys(th, keys)
fireBullet(gr, id, data)
floorCollision(th, data)
getAheadPixel(th, data)
initialize(th, data)
makedoor(gr, id, map, data)
pixelcollides(fr, to, t)
setStaticSpeed(th, speed)
spawn(th, data)
tileCollision(th, map, tilemap, defaulttile, data)
wander(th, map, tilemap, defaulttile, data)
addAngle(a, add)
getAngle(p1, p2, transl)
getDistance(p1, p2)
translate(p1, a, d)
translateX(x1, a, d)
translateY(y1, a, d)
Akihabara Framework

Namespace tool

Tool module provides simple developing tools. Currently, this file only has a cel-composer: it can compose an image stacking a set of frames for animating objects, applying a number of filters to each frame.

Defined in: tool.js.

Method Summary
makecels(data) This makes the image cells for an animation and adds the load event listeners that the other stuff work to them. Calls loadall at the end.
Method Detail
This makes the image cells for an animation and adds the load event listeners that the other stuff work to them. Calls loadall at the end.

{Object} data This is the created animation data being passed in to be used by the function.
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